ClickLift's history

September 2012 ClickLift is officially established!

ClickLift puts a lot of work to create an insanely great team to work on the big challenge of making offshore lifting operations safer. We got some of the best engineers and sales people in the world.

ClickLift got funds to further development and also Ipark and Innovation Norway as an investor and partner.

We are now looking for a industrial partner/investor who can now contribute to make an real size prototype ready for sale!


  • After twelve years of teaching, consulting and researching, ClickLift is one of the most exciting companies I have ever come across
    Christian Rangen - Engage Innovate
  • Innovation Norway think that this product has big international market potential
    Innovation Norway-Erling Johannson
  • I think this is a great way to do offshore lifting operations more safe
    Jostein Kvame - Offshore systems
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